VISULEX Camera Type K55-P-N, stainless steel

VISULEX Camera System (Non-Ex)

Product Picture: VISULEX Camera Type K55-P-N, stainless steel

Camera with zoom lens, Type K55-P and K55-N
same technical details as K07-Ex

Stainless Steel housing
with built-in colour CCD camera
Optical zoom 10 x


Similar to the internationally renowned Lumiglas luminaires, the camera system can be attached to the cover flange of a sight glass fitting using a hinged bracket. If the standard illumination of the process is not sufficient, an additional Lumiglas luminaire can be attached if fitting allows.

Application check list

Please make use of our system conformity for your application of the VISULEX-Lumiglas-camera system so that we are able to submit a correct offer fitting your specific application.

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