About CGM Materials


The official distributor since 1998 of F H Papenmeier GmbH, based in Germany for south africa.

Specialists in Lumiglas®

CGM Materials are the specialists in process observation visual control systems with extensive industry experience, industry-leading command of technical requirements, specifications and documentation.

We recommend the best process observation equipment including sight glasses, sight flow indicators, lighting systems, remote camera observation equipment and fittings that best suit your visual processing needs.

Ensuring a clear view! 

Lumiglas products are ideal for observing processes in pressure and vacuum vessels, tanks, reactors, silos, filters and other apparatus.

  • Chemical and Pharma industry, Cosmetics
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Breweries
  • Energy producers
  • Water utilities and Sewage treatment plants
  • Maritime
  • etc.