Lumiglas® Sight Glass

Glass is an amorphous, not crystalline solid matter, which behaves in a completely different way than metal. This material is available in different qualities – it is the basis of Lumiglas Sight Glass Fittings.

In our company you can obtain the correct glass for every application. In addition to a free sight, an unrestricted view in the process observation is possible.

Conventional Tempered Sight Glasses – Circular and Rectangular

A wide variety of options for the viewing of processes from circular sight glass discs in (Lumiglas®) borosilicate (acc to DIN 7080), (Lumiglas®) soda lime (acc to DIN 8902), quartz or sapphire glass materials, to tongue-shaped glass for rectangular sight glass fittings, to metal-fused sight glasses (METAGLAS®) , to custom sizing and quartz glass. 

  • Borosilicate Glass to DIN 7080 with temperature ratings to 280 C
  • Soda Lime Glass to DIN 8902 with temperature ratings to  150 C
  • Quartz Glass with temperature ratings to 1000 C