Lumistar Luminaire USL 01, stainless steel

Luminaires (Non-Ex)

Product Picture: Lumistar Luminaire USL 01, stainless steel

Fully Sealed Lumistar Sight Glass Luminaire with cover glass, super compact, all stainless steel

Perfect combination of flush screwed assembly and smooth surface:

This sight glass luminaire is designed for mounting on sight glass fittings in universal applications. It is ideal for use in combined sight and light ports (single-flange version) or arranged separately (two-flange version). The integrated fastening clamp enables convenient mounting on a Lumiglas sight glass wiper assembly SW I.

Application in chemical, pharmaceutical, biogas and food processing  industries:

It is ideal for illuminating bioreactors, laboratory mixers and filters as well as the interiors of tanks, agitators, separators, pipelines and other, usually closed, vessels in non-explosive operating environments.

  • USL 01: for general applications, mounted with hinged bracket, clamp fastening or flanged adapter collar
  • USL 31: special variant for sterile environments with adapter collar for fitting over flanges, etc.

Lumiglas luminaire USL 01 and USL 31 fit the following sizes:

a) Circular sight glass fitting to DIN 28120: from DN 25 
b) Circular sight glass fitting to DIN 28121: from DN 40
c) Visual flow indicators: from DN 25
d) Screw-type sight glass fittings similar to DIN 11851: from DN 50

Operating voltage/power:  12V, 24V / 5W, 20W 

Secured by mounting clamp (for SW I) or hinged bracket

• Protection class: Dust- and waterjet proof, IP 65 according to EN 60 529 / DIN VDE 0470, Part 1

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Lumiglas Sight Glass Wiper SW I

product photo: Lumiglas Sight Glass Wiper SW I

Simple effective assembly for wiping clean circular sight glass discs
Maximum pressure 6 bar

Vacuum tight; pressure tight to at least 2 bar and, depending on glass diameter, to 6 bar. Max. permissible temperature 220°C (though this depends on glass type used).

Combine with circular sight/light fittings

All contact parts stainless steel, Hastelloy on request

Possible combinations:

  • Unit can simultaneously be combined with a spray device.
  • Combination with Lumistar luminaire mounted on the sight glass unit is possible from viewing dia. 125 (DIN 28120, DN 100)
    depending on luminaire size (see data sheet download below).
  • Lumistar luminaire series USL and ESL can also be combined with the unit.
  • With screwed sight glass assemblies combination with Lumistar luminaire SLM or Lumistar ME is possible with size DN 125.
  • Also available with ratchet-drive lever.


  • For manual cleaning on inside glass surface
  • 316 stainless steel wetted metal parts
  • Vacuum tight and up to 85 psig  (pound-force per square inch gauge) @  (220°C)
  • Wiper blade available in Teflon or Silicone
  • Sizes: 80 to 225 mm OD (other sizes available)

Manual wiper for Lumiglas® sight glasses and sight windows. It may be used in combination with a with a spray ring or spray nozzle. Sight glass must be ordered with bore hole.