Lumiglas Ex Motor Drive EMA I-Ex EEx d IIC T5 / Biogas Sight Glass with Light, Wiper and Camera System

Versatile, high-performance Ex-class motor drive with compact dimensions for numerous applications

  • Special advantages of the Lumiglas Ex-class motor drive:
    Especially in environments that require the remote  monitoring of processes in reactors (e. g. biogas plants), ex-type cameras are frequently mounted on sight glasses, enabling process engineers to observe what is going on in the vessel from a central control room, which is frequently located at some distance from the reactor itself.

This eliminates the need for physical presence at a reactor, frequently entailing safety-relevant situations made more difficult by adverse environmental conditions, e. g. bad weather.

In certain processes, problems can arise if there are deposits of the substance in the reactor on the sight glass screen, thus making it difficult or even impossible for the camera to view the process. This can be remedied by using one of the proven wipers from the Lumiglas range: SW I and SWII. These wipers are normally operated by hand when the observer wants to inspect the reactor.

In many cases, however, the remote observation of reactors, e. g. via Lumiglas camera technology, is mandatory, making it essential to install a motor-driven wiper that can be actuated remotely from the control room.

The Ex motor drive EMA I-Ex has been developed specifically for such applications.

Because remote observation is mainly carried out in potentially
explosive environments, an Ex-class motor drive is now available in addition to the Ex camera


  • The Ex-class motor drive is mainly intended for operating wipers on sight glasses and is suitable for short- or long-term operation.
  • Especially in environments that require the remote monitoring of processes in reactors
  • Compact overall size; high turning moment; excellent motor power; low energy consumption.
  • Approved for use in potentially explosive environments, Zones 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22
  • Approved for use in ambient temperatures of between -20°C and +50°C
  • Type of protection: Terminal connection and motor enclosure IP68, motor shaft IP54

Small dimensions, great effectiveness:

The Ex-class motor drive is designed for both short-term and continuous  operations.

All development targets have been achieved:

  • Compact overall size; high turning moment; excellent motor
    power; low energy consumption.
  • The Ex motor drive is thus ideally suited for operating, for
    instance, Lumiglas screen wipers:
    a) SW I (the wiper blade axis passes through a hole in the
    sight glass) – for low pressure
    b) SW II (the wiper blade axis is operated from the side
    through a hole in the sight glass fitting by means of a
    flexible shaft) – for higher pressure

Combination with a spray facility is also possible.

Structure of compact unit:

  • The unit is made up of a DC electric motor with a flanged drive and special coupling by way of which (e. g.) the wiper axis of a screen wiper is turned. 

Biogas Sight Glass with Light, Wiper and Camera System

Biogas sight glass for digester tanks and methane digester tanks. Our light glass gasket creates a gas-tight seal by conforming to cement walls and ports used in digester tank construction. 

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