Lumistar VISULEX Combined Luminaire Type USL 46-Ex, aluminium

Luminaires (Ex)

Product Picture: Lumistar VISULEX Combined Luminaire Type USL 46-Ex, aluminium

ex II 2G Ex d(e) II C T3/T4/120°C
ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T120°C/T130°C/T195°C

For stop- and rear – Light and also as Direction Indicator
Power: 24V DC

Combined brake light, rear lamp and direction indicator flasher

3. Lumistar Ex combination luminaire type USL 46-Ex

Luminaires for vehicles used in Ex category environments must not only meet all requirements on driving safety, but also need to comply with the Ex directives specified by ATEX. At the same time, they are expected to be reasonably priced.These complex demands are met by Lumistar Ex vehicle luminaires which are approved for use in potentially explosive environments:
Gas: zone 1 and 2; Dust: zone 21 and 22.

Primarily used on special vehicles operating in the industrial sector, such as fork lifters, stacker trucks, tank trucks, etc., that are mainly driven in explosion hazardous environments.

Rated voltage: 12 V, 24 V DC with 7 W LED illuminant
Certification: EC Type-Examination Certificate BVS 08 ATEX E 135