Lumistar Luminaire USL 07 LED-Ex

Lumistar Luminaire USL 07 LED-Ex
II 2G Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb
II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db



  • The Lumistar luminaire USL 07 LED-Ex captures areas of application that were so far unsuitable for illumination in potentially explosive areas.
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures of +60 °C. Effective measures  against corrosion ensure universal application possibilities.
  • The large light emission and the optimally designed screwed glass opening make the luminaire perfect for the illumination of vessels, tanks, agitators, silos and other, generally closed, containers and reactors and also in visual flow indicators in potentially explosive environments. Suitable for use in the food processing industry.
  • Protection class: Dust-tight and water jet-proof, IP 65 and IP 67 acc. to DIN EN
    60529/DIN VDE 0470, part 1.
  • This sight glass luminaire is designed for universal applications in potentially explosive
    operating areas and is ideal either in combined sight and light ports (single-flange
    version) or for separate ports (two-flange version).

Long service life and extremely robust construction:

Due to the long-life LED there is no heat radiation from the light emission. The robust
construction of the Lumistar USL 07 LED-Ex is especially designed for use on
vibrating or oscillating tanks.

Always reliable in use:

Downtimes in production as well as maintenance cause huge costs.
With the refitting to Lumistar LED luminaires, service cycles are more than doubled.
Depending on the environment, our customers can expect several years of
maintenance-free operation.

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Lumistar Luminaire REL 01/REL 01-Ex, Stainless Steel – Rectangular Light Series

Luminaires (Ex)

Product Picture: Lumistar Luminaire REL 01-Ex, stainless steel

ex II 2G Ex ia C T4/T5/T6 – intrinsically safe
ex I M2 Ex ia I Mb

Also comes in non-Ex

Lumiglas supply this stainless glass luminaire in two versions for use in potentially explosive environments and for normal operating conditions.

Designed for use with rectangular / longitudinal sight glass units; installed in bioreactors, laboratory mixers, filters and, generally, all normally closed tanks, agitators, separators, pipelines and other vessels operated in explosion-hazardous environments (Zones 1 and 2) as well as in non-hazardous work areas.

Suitable for use in the food processing sector

The Lumistar luminaire REL 01/REL 01-Ex is a complete unit ready for fitting. It is attached directly to the cover flange of a rectangular sight glass unit by means of two screws.

The REL01 unit has been designed to fit snugly into the side of rectangular / longitudinal sightglasses, length = 250 mm
The Luminaire REL 01 comes ready for fitting, 2 screws enable it to be bolted straight onto the cover flange of the longitudinal sightglass.

Compact design, high light output, low energy consumption:

21 special LEDs ensure dazzle-free illumination.

Together with the corresponding electronic switchgear, these LED are resin-cast into the stainless steel housing which is then secured to the rectangular fitting.

The service life of this luminaire is virtually unlimited; even if one of the diodes fails after a long period of operation, the remaining LED still provide more than enough light intensity.

Type of protection: Provided the luminaire has been properly installed, it is dust- and splash-proof, IP 65  acc. to DIN EN 60529/DIN VDE 0470 Part 1

Operating Voltage / Power: 24V / 2W

Where the Luminaire is to be used in explosion hazardous areas, connection must be to an intrinsically safe power supply circuit.


Lumiglas Signalling Device M55-BD-Ex – motion detector/twilight switch

Luminaires (Ex)

Product Picture: Lumiglas Signalling Device M55-BD-Ex

ex II 2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb 
ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80°C Db

The smart motion detector/twilight switch: The M55-BD-Ex 
automatically switches the light or other users in potentially 
explosive (Ex) indoor or outdoor areas on and off again.

EC type examination certificate: BVS 15 ATEX E 057 X
Power supply see data sheet