Lumistar Luminaire ESL 25, stainless steel

Luminaires (Non-Ex)

Product Picture: Lumistar Luminaire ESL 25, stainless steel

Fully Sealed Lumistar Sight Glass Luminaire with cover glass, all stainless steel
Compact yet powerful light

Suits Lumiglas Sight Glass Fitting, circular DIN 28120/28121 or similar from size DN 40 and Lumiglas Screwed Sight Glass Fitting MV from DN 65
Operating voltage/power: 12V, 24V / 20W, 50W (without internal transformer) 120V / 230W, 12V / 5W or 10W (with internal transformer)

Secured by hinged bracket or adapter flange
Modyfied by an inside mounting flange specially for Aseptik Technology


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