Lumiglas Luminaire Lumistar

Product Picture: Lumiglas Luminaire Lumistar

also available in LED-Technology

The classic ‘half moon’ version for combined sight and light glass
Suits Lumiglas Sight Glass Fitting, circular DIN 28120 or similar

Nominal dia: DN 50 to DN 200
Operating voltage: 24V AC/DC, 12V / 230V on request
Power, depending on size: 20W, 50W or 100W
Standard product with momentary push button


Lumistar Luminaire ESL 27, stainless steel

Luminaires (Non-Ex)

Product Picture: Lumistar Luminaire ESL 27, stainless steel

Fully Sealed Lumistar Sight Glass Luminaire with cover glass, all stainless steel

For mounting onto sight glass fittings

The product is a universally applicable sight glass luminaire ideally suited for use on combined sight/light glass units (single flanged port arrangement) as well as for separate flanged ports.

Compact, high light output:

Dazzle free illumination; suits circular sight glass fittings to DIN 28120/DIN 28121 or similar as well as screwed sight glass assemblies similar to DIN 11851 and flow indicators. Sizes, depending on style, from DN 50 upward.

Large light aperture thanks to screwed lens ring design

Applications: suitable for pharmaceutical and food industries and especially for sterile areas!

For the illumination of flow indicators, pipelines, laboratory mixers, bioreactors as well as internals of tanks, pressure vessels stirred reactors and otherwise normally closed containers.

• Ex version also available
• Protection: Dust and water jet tight, IP65 to EN 60529/DIN VDE 0470 part 1

Suits Lumiglas Sight Glass Fitting, circular DIN 28120/28121 or similar from size DN 50 and Lumiglas Screwed Sight Glass Fitting MV from DN 100 to DN 150

Operating voltage: 12V, 24V, 120V, 230V, 240V Power, dependant on operating voltage, up to 100W  

Secured by hinged bracket or adapter flange

Modyfied by an inside mounting flange specially for Aseptik Technology

Please note that the halogen bulb 230 V – 75 Watt is no longer available.

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Lumistar Luminaire ESL 51-LED, stainless steel

Luminaires (Non-Ex)

Product Picture: Lumistar Luminaire ESL 51-LED, stainless steel

Ideal combination of flush design and smooth surface:

This sight glass luminaire is designed for mounting on sight glass fittings in universal applications. 

Applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biogas and food processing industries: 

For illuminating the interior of vessels, tanks, agitators, silos and other generally closed containers and reactors and also in visual flow indicators in non-explosive environments.

It is practical either in combined sight and light ports (single-flange version) or with separate ports 2-). Integrated fastening clamp enables attachment to Lumiglas wiper unit SW I.

ESL 51-LED-HK: with bracket for SW I (wiper unit)
ESL 51-LED-KS: with hinged bracket for general use
ESL 51-LED-B: special sterile version for flange attachment for fitting over flanges, collars, etc.

Protection class: dust-tight and water jet-proof, IP 65 acc. to EN 60 529 / DIN VDE 0470 part 1

Lumistar ESL 51-LED luminaires fit the following nominal sizes:
a) Circular sight glass fittings acc. to DIN 28120: from DN 25
b) Circular sight glass fittings acc. to DIN 28121: from DN 40
c) Visual flow indicators: from DN 25
d) Screw-type sight glass fittings in compliance with DIN 11851: from DN 40

Voltage type: AC/DC
Operating voltage: 24 V
Output: 2.5 W

Transformers or AC/DC converters for on-site installation or for installing in a control cabinet are available on request.

(Transformer: 230 V AC – 24 V AC)
(AC/DC converter: 230 V AC – 24 V DC)